Can You Use Ground Coffee in a Keurig? (7 Ways You Can!)

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Keurig machines have become a status symbol for casual coffee drinkers. Unfortunately, they will also run you about $400 to $800 a year if you average two cups a day.

So whether you are looking to save a little cash this year, or you weren’t paying attention and accidentally bought a 30-ounce can of Folger’s for your big, fancy Keurig machine, I’ve got you covered.

Can you use bulk ground coffee in a Keurig?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to use ground coffee in that stylish piece of American technology. In fact, by the end of this article, you will have several different methods of doing just that. So, in the interest of salvaging your morning routine, read on!

7 Ways to Use Ground Coffee in a Keurig

1.   The Keurig Cup Reusable Filter

If you don’t mind the occasional cleanup process that comes with having a reusable cup that doesn’t require a filter, the Keurig cup reusable filter might be right up your alley.

These cups are also much better for the environment than throwing out the countless one-use K-Cups we have become accustomed to.

You can buy these cups for anywhere from $10 – $15, depending on where you look!

2.   Reuse a Keurig Cup With Your Own Ground Coffee

 few used white coffee pods ready for recycling.

This is something I never knew you could do!

For whatever reason, I always assumed keeping the seal intact was paramount when brewing with a Keurig. Contrary to my previous belief, this isn’t the case at all.

Resuing a K-Cup is as simple as placing the coffee grounds of your choice inside the cup and covering the top (I’d recommend something like aluminum foil) to keep the grounds from leaking into your drink.

3.   GoldTone Mesh Filter

Made for use with the K-Duo and K-Duo Essentials coffee makers, this guy works like any regular coffee filter you would find on your typical, everyday automatic drip machine.

A GoldTone mesh filter can help on those days when you are out of regular cups. Or, if you want to make the switch to using filters only, this filter is a more eco-friendly alternative to the default, one-use K-Cup.

4.   Non-Keurig Reusable Coffee Cups

So maybe the Keurig brand Universal Filter doesn’t quite fit your taste. No worries! There are countless other alternatives from other popular coffee brands, including Maxwell House.

The great thing about having a reusable filter is the ability to add as much coffee as you prefer inside the cup.

If you find the usual amount too strong, cut out a bit. If you are like me and need enough coffee to restart a heartbeat, feel free to add more!

5.   Add More Coffee to Your Cups

open coffee k-cup explosion effect

This might feel a bit overkill, but for those who love a strong coffee cup, this may be right up your alley. In the same manner that you can put fresh coffee into a used K-Cup, you can add additional coffee to a brand new one!

My biggest complaint about Keurig cups, outside of their price, has always been that they are simply not as strong as if I had made my own coffee. So, being able to add more coffee has proven to be a valuable alternative when in a pinch!

6.   Iced Coffee

This is so simple it bothers me that I never took the time to think of it.

Grab yourself some coffee in whatever form you choose it to be, start up your Keurig, and brew the coffee directly into a thermos or mug filled to the top with ice.

The ice will water down the roast, so I recommend going as dark as you can, then add milk and sugar if you wish!

7.   Ekobrew Reusable Cup

This larger cup caught my eye after seeing several positive reviews on it.

Ekobrew stakes its name on its product’s more eco-friendly choice over the disposable K-Cup. The larger cup also allows for more coffee if you so choose.

With a spacious interior, easy cleanup, and environmentally responsible design, this is quickly becoming one of the more popular reusable cups on the market.

Ground coffee in a metal spoon on a top of glass jar, shallow depth of field.

Benefits of Using Ground Coffee in a Keurig

As you can probably imagine, there are several positives to purchasing ground coffee instead of K-Cups when you replenish your java beans supply.

Whether you are reading this because you picked up the wrong thing from the store and need a quick and crafty fix, or you are looking for a long-term alternative to disposable K-Cups, rest assured. This section can and will shed some informative light on the subject.

Less Environmental Impact

I’ve hinted at it a few times throughout, and for a good reason: disposable K-Cups are an ecological nightmare.

A majority of K-Cups are not biodegradable. They are not being reused and are ending up in landfills.

On average, 13 billion K-Cups, in fact, are thrown away every year, which is enough to cover the circumference of the planet over 10 times.

Ground coffee looks far more appealing after a quick Google search.

The Difference in Cost

Did you know it costs more than twice as much to produce a cup of coffee in a K-Cup as it does for ground coffee?

A 32-pack of disposable cups will run you about $15.18, or 47 cents per cup. Compare that to a 12-ounce bag of coffee (same brand) that is about $13.15, or 21 cents a cup.

Some people like the ease of use of a Keurig machine, and I completely sympathize with and understand their reasoning. However, If you are someone OK with an extra minute spent pouring in coffee grounds yourself, you will definitely save quite a bit of cash long term.

You Can Choose Exactly How Much Coffee to Use

As inconsequential as this may feel, some of us coffee elitists can be very specific in our coffee consumption.

With a disposable K-Cup, you are forced to stick with the preselected amount of coffee given per cup (see number 5 above to remedy this).

But ground coffee gives you the ability to choose exactly how much of your preferred brand of joe you want to brew.

vintage scoop with ground coffee on coffee beans


You should never have to go without a piping hot, delicious cup of Brazil’s finest.

The next time you find yourself in one of those awkward coffee-making positions, perhaps you can rely on this article to help you through an otherwise groggy day. Cafe diem, folks!


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